Our staff team

Abdiqani "Ab" Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer

Abdiqani started his career as an esports player, moving on to management positions whilst studying at university.

During this time he has served in multiple roles, from coaching, marketing, and business development, to advising global corporations on how to tap into the world of esports


Dale "Tr3yal" Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Dale started his career as a player and later went from strength to strength as a coach, operations and marketing lead, community manager, and business development.

Now with 10+ years of experience in Esports titles from regions such as Africa, Sweden, the UK, and more from around the world.


Oscar "Syrzex" Asewando

Events Manager

Many of Oscar’s greatest passions for competitive gaming lie in the front lines – Hosting, Commentating and other On-Screen performances.

He has since then used his experience in fan engagement and a wide network of connections to build bridges between companies such as Hiro Capital, WanyooUK and their communities, via his roles in Community Management and Event Operations.


Chapman "Panda" Lee

Creative Director

I originate from a background of videogames and photography.

I am the host and photographer in the UK cosplay scene for the League of Legends Cosplay UK and Overwatch Cosplay UK groups at comic cons, where I work closely with the community managers of Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.


Darrel Barlcay

Operations Manager

Darrel has been working in esports for the past 5 years, hailing from scotland, Darrel works in the Lionscreed Operations department, maintaining Lionscreeds top teir standards of professionalism.


Daniel "Ignika" Hoddenbagh

Stream Manager

Hi I’m Daniel, I’m a Dutch person who’s been engrossed in gaming for quite some time.

I started in the esports world as an academy player and slowly moved my way up into management. I’m a recent addition to the Lionscreed team and hope to prove my worth!


Luis "ArchAngel" Dunford Gavira

Marketing and Website Manager

I'm a digital marketer living on the south coast of England.

I've been obsessed with video games since I was a kid mainly playing games like Battlefield, Rainbow Six, League of Legends and many others.




Hello my name is Liam Bloomfield, I'm a full time Streamer with a passion in content creation and development. My goal is to unlocked peoples full potential and grow their brands.


Morgan "MorganT" Taylor

Social Media Manager

Hello, I'm Morgan Taylor, I'm a Full-Time Social Media Manager.

I was previously a student studying Level 3 Creative Media before leaving to pursue Social Media Management Full-Time.


Sam "Sam P." Parkinson

Apparel Designer

Hi my name is Sam and I specialise is sportswear apparel design. Currently, I am excited to be helping LC create their own team apparel range.

In my downtime I am a sports fanatic and I love cycling. Feel free to drop me message on LinkedIn or Discord if you have any questions. .


Cameron "Moth" Gildea

Events Assistant

Cameron is a London born and bread Esports professional specializing in Broadcast, casting and Events.

Cameron assists Lionscreed with our amazing events from everything from Production to Casting everything has a sprinkle of Cameron in it!


Norbert "Goat" Sobczak

Graphic Designer

My name is Norbert, Graphic designer living in London. I enjoy creating visual content ranging from graphic to motion design fields specialising in the esports and gaming industry.


Cameron "Passchooo" Lewis

Community Manager

Hi, I'm Cameron (but you can call me Cam). I'm a community/events manager for LionsCreed, SideQuest, and other online gaming communities!

I'm a heavy fan of rhythm and fighting games such as osu!, DJMAX, and Street Fighter, and I sometimes take those games too seriously...


Yassine "Agaro" Agar


I'm Yassine Agar, also known as Agaro, a 19 year old Moroccan who lives in Tunisia, I love esports & gaming in general. I have always been passionate about it.

I was the former community manager for Armoured Brothers, Sahara Warriors and K7 Esports and I'm currently working for Lionscreed. My favourite games are League of Legends, Call of Duty and DayZ.


Bochao "Bobo" Zeng


Bobo is a professional photographer from London England, specializing in artistic photography including modelling, Esports and Product photography.


Hannah "B.Babey" Marie

Head Content Writer

Hi, I’m Hannah (B.Babey), the LC writer! After working with many companies around the world, I have found my favourite in Lionscreed. I work mainly in writing and PR, with input in events and BD where needed - a true jack of all trades!

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