Plutus Joins Lionscreed as Headline Partner

August 7, 2023

Plutus Joins Lionscreed as Headline Partner

Lionscreed is excited to welcome Plutus as our headline partner for the 2023/24 esports season.

Partnering with a highly rewarding finance app comes with many new opportunities for engagement within our community and organisation, and Plutus will be joining Lionscreed for all of our upcoming events and projects, including Lions Clash.
This new partnership will be integral in supporting Lionscreed’s events and education projects, ensuring that the community will continue receiving the best possible support and engagement. With so many exciting projects in the Lionscreed calendar, Plutus is joining the family at the best possible time.

Lionscreed COO, Dale Adams, recognises the value of welcoming such a valuable partner at this time in Lionscreed’s journey:
“We are very happy to bring Plutus on board with Lionscreed, having their support means we can bring the best events and opportunities to everyone, including people involved in our new education mission. Plutus is even supporting our new upcoming community gaming New Meta events and our journeys to EGX and Insomnia in the upcoming year. I’m excited to see everything we can achieve.”

Founded in 2015, Plutus is committed to empowering users in money management. They provide many of the same financial products offered by banks with a stronger focus on flexibility, integrating cryptocurrency and rewards programs into their services. Simply spending with a Plutus card will earn the user 3% back in digital rewards.

At its core, Plutus understands Lionscreed’s commitment to always providing value to the community. Their rewards program can assist in almost any area of life, including your gaming experience.
Earn rewards at every merchant that accepts Visa Debit Cards. On top of this, you can select the PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam perks in-app, and receive an additional £10 in rewards each month at these stores.

There are multiple subscription and reward tiers to ensure Plutus is accessible to as many people as possible – through these, you can earn between 1 and 8 perks on your account. Even simply using your Plutus card for transactions can lead to you earning 3-8% of the transaction back in Pluton (PLU), an exchangeable crypto rewards token.
To ensure their user experience is focused on ease and flexibility, Plutus rewards cards open up opportunities to earn multiple types of rewards in one digital place, with one Visa debit card. 

We are thankful to Plutus for joining Lionscreed to continue improving esports for everyone. Their support will help us continue going above and beyond to provide the best experiences to our community.

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