P3nguin and Burtlegurtle Join Lionscreed

September 21, 2022

An important announcement from Liam “zRvkk” Bloomfield, the Lionscreed Content Manager

Lionscreed has always had some of the best content creators, and we are lucky to already have an incredible team behind us.
This year we have put extra effort into building our content creation team to be the best that it has ever been, and as a result, we have welcomed new team members alongside supporting our original creators. The encouragement and engagement from our community through this growth have been inspiring, pushing us to aim higher and higher every time to bring you all more and more.
As a result, we are extremely proud to announce our latest additions to the content creation team: the amazing P3nguin and BurtleGurtle!

P3nguin and BurtleGurtle will focus mainly on community engagement and further integration of Lionscreed and its community into the FNC community – which is particularly important given the upcoming plans for our already successful Fortnite team.

On a personal note from zRvkk:
“I am really excited upon signing the boys! Fortnite tournament hosting is no easy challenge, and these guys have mastered it.
P3nguin and Burtle are a great addition to not only Lionscreed, but the wider Fortnite community – you can expect some big tournaments in the near future!”

There are so many incredible announcements lined up for our community over the following weeks and months – as we start to move towards the end of 2022, Lionscreed will be expanding and growing to bring amazing new opportunities!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon!

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