Our story so far!

May 28, 2020

LionsCreed was founded originally in 2017 within a university gaming society, managed by Abdiqani Ahmed, whose goal has always been to put together the best team and to compete at the highest level possible. Becoming an official team in March 2019, LionsCreed has rallied in strength since its humble beginnings in League of Legends, coming 2nd in BELONG Arena tournaments, 3rd in Wanyoo-hosted tournaments, and placing as semi-finalists at the FORGE OF CHAMPIONS national tournament, to now hoping to qualify into the UKLC through Open Qualifiers. 

However, LionsCreed does not wish to stop with their current dominance in the London League of Legends scene. We wish to continue upwards, starting with national leagues, continuing eventually to international dominance with our esports teams. Not only that, but we are also home to an abundance of streaming and content creation talent. We wish to provide a community, a family, filled with support and positive vibes for our content creation crew, where they can grow their own brand as well as representing ours. 

Additional goals of ours include generating support of esports at a grassroots level, giving our teams the experience of traveling to compete and growing them personally, and continuing to reach new audiences in and around the UK.

As well as all of this, we are proud to support an incredibly diverse staff team composed of over 20 members, all working in harmony to achieve the above goals, supporting our teams and content creators, and indeed each other, in any way they can.

We are a Pride, a team, and a family, with a common goal of victory. We will stop at nothing to uplift each other and achieve our goals as a Pride. No victory is too small, no defeat too humbling. We are LionsCreed. 


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