The new LionsCreed Logo is the mark of revolution. 

September 13, 2021

New LionsCreed Logo

“We have worked tirelessly to create a brand face that fully represents our company and community while also being sleek and aesthetically pleasing. It is our delight to reveal this change as myself and the rest of the team believe this logo best represents our company’s urban branding that we wish to promote worldwide”. – Dale Adams, Chief Operations Officer.

New Website

Alongside their brand refresh, they have launched their new website to better connect with their community and fans, and tell their story to a global audience.

About LionsCreed

LionsCreed are a London born and bred esports team with a desire to create game-changing content and build an engaging community. Founded in 2019 with a hunger for victory, fearless style and the avant-garde, the team has obtained 11 titles and became one of the first teams to be shown on national television within their first year and aren’t stopping there.

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