Welcome our New Lionscreed Forntite Players

July 8, 2022
An announcement from Dale “Tr3yal” Adams concerning the Lionscreed Fortnite Team…

After the extremely hard work and dedication of Stussy (our Fortnite Manager) and Messina (our
Fortnite Assistant Manager), we are excited to announce that we have signed three new Fortnite players!
I am pleased to welcome Michael, Hardfind, and AstroSMZ to the Lionscreed family. These three
incredible players will be a fantastic asset to our team and will join Bloomy in storming the Fortnite
scene. We are incredibly proud of our players; we cannot wait to see what they can do on the
professional scene.

Stussy would like to say to our community:
“We are very happy with the work done in the last few months. A big thank you to the players for
their trust and the amazing Hardfind, Michael, and Astro who have just joined us: great things are
just beginning!”

All three players have recently achieved incredible results in the European Duos Cash Cup, including
top 10 finishes in the finals earlier this month. Lionscreed is eager to continue investing in British
talent, growing our brand and investing in players who deserve support in their journey.

We will leave you with some words from our incredible new players! All three are incredibly
excited to be joining the Lionscreed pride.

Hardfind: “I am very excited to be joining Lionscreed – I am looking forward to seeing what the
future has to offer!”

Michael: “I’m very glad to be joining Lionscreed with such amazing players. Lionscreed is an org that
has almost family-like relationships, and they make us feel very welcome – I appreciate the support
and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

AstroSMZ: “I’m very excited to join Lionscreed. Thank you everyone for the love and support, and I
am ready to achieve great things!”

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