Welcome zRvkk our new Content Manager!

August 14, 2022

An announcement from Chapman “Panda” Lee concerning the Lionscreed Creative Team…

This year, Lionscreed has a hard focus on our content creation. We have been constantly improving the quality and quantity of our content output, aiming to keep our community happy!

With this in mind, it has been decided that we needed to upgrade, and find ourselves a content manager – and who better to do it than our very own zRvkk (Liam)! Already one of our amazing Lionscreed content creators, zRvkk has now officially been promoted to the position of content manager.
After his tireless efforts in creating incredible streams for us, he is certainly deserving of the promotion, and we are confident that he will bring his absolute best to the Lionscreed community.
It is incredibly exciting to have zRvkk join Lionscreed as an official creative staff member.

We have seen how fun, positive, and creative his content has been. This is the perfect opportunity for him to spread that creativity and positivity further, with the full backing of our team.
On his promotion, zRvkk has said the following:
“I’m so excited about my new role at Lionscreed! I’ve been involved in content creation for at least ten years now, and this job opportunity allows my creative freedom to be utilised to grow our players and streamers. I believe so strongly in the Lionscreed mantra, brand, and direction, that with my input and understanding of the company, this is only the beginning – the start of bigger things. Watch this space…”

We are so happy that he is joining us as part of our staff team. Keep your eyes peeled for our incredible content (and potentially more announcements?) in the coming weeks…
…and finally, congratulations to zRvkk on your promotion to content manager, it is well deserved, and we know that you will do us proud!

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