LionsCreed’s entrance into Fortnite with 2 New Players!

September 20, 2021

LionsCreed’s entrance into Fortnite

LionsCreed’s entrance into Fortnite comes packed with two astounding players, Jakei (Jake Worley) and Bloomy (George Bloomfield). We come equipped with two support staff: Arya our Fortnite Team Manager; and Sent3z, our content editor, working with our marketing and creative team to upscale our Fortnite content.

From the CEO

Our Chief Executive Officer, Abdiqani H. Ahmed, said this: “I am extremely excited to jump into the expansive world of Fortnite. The fresh additions to our team: Arya, Sent3z, Jake and George bring a new era of LionsCreed to the forefront. Fortnite was something on our radar for a while, but we wanted to sit back and understand the ‘storm’ we were getting into, being jumping straight in.”

He added, “We, Lionscreed, are very particular about our brand and the quality of content we produce – so bringing on Arya as our advisor and Sent3z to help facilitate this version within Fortnite, was a no brainer.”

Our Future

Lionscreed as a whole will scale operations in the coming weeks with new signings and activities for our fans to look out for. We are excited about the company’s development and ready to flourish.

About LionsCreed

LionsCreed are a London born and bred esports team with a desire to create game-changing content and build an engaging community. Founded in 2019 with a hunger for victory, fearless style and the avant-garde, the team has obtained 11 titles and became one of the first teams to be shown on national television within their first year and aren’t stopping there.

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