Lionscreed Partners with Host

October 11, 2022

Lionscreed x HOST
A new era for Lionscreed.

Since the beginning of the Lionscreed journey, one of the key aims of the organisation has been to branch out and expand our community as far as possible, welcoming people from across the entire UK from any and all backgrounds. We aim for inclusivity, diversity, and above all, success.
So far, the Lionscreed community has been concentrated most heavily in and around London, the UK’s central hub for esports and gaming. However, in recent years, the esports and tech scene has rapidly grown into new areas, reaching new people and presenting new opportunities. As an organisation, we aim to match this growth.
Therefore, we are incredibly proud to announce that Lionscreed has developed a strategic partnership with HOST, the Home of Skills & Technology, to create a beacon for esports in the North of the UK. Their innovative, collaborative, and state-of-the-art broadcast venue, HOST Gametech, provides the ideal area to continue growing our Lionscreed community. Simultaneously providing us with the perfect location for future online events, Boasting features such as a tournament stage, our partnership opens the doors for us to bring our community even bigger and better events than ever before. The digital sector is thriving in this environment, and we are privileged to participate in this development.
Collaborating with HOST, which is operated by IN4 Group is particularly important and impactful in assisting with encouraging inclusivity and diversity as these new technology spaces open across the UK. Esports and gaming welcome community members from an incredibly wide range of experiences – especially Lionscreed. Since the beginning, Lionscreed has always dedicated attention to inclusivity and diversity as the organisation’s core values. Esports brings people together, uniting them around a shared passion, and we always aim to celebrate this connection.
With this new strategic collaboration, we have an incredible opportunity at Lionscreed to continue making a difference. Expanding across the UK is the next step for the organization, and we are thrilled to be taking this leap with HOST!

Alongside our physical Venue partner Sidequest, and HOST Digital broadcast capabilities, we will work together to engage the local Gaming and Esports communities from all around the UK to further grow and develop together.
We have expanded our Community pact, to also include Greater Manchester.

We are Xtremely Hyper for the next announcement to be coming to you in the next couple of weeks.
In addition we are looking forward to announcing our HQ in 2023.
Stay updated on our social media and website for more updates and announcements!

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