Lionscreed Partners with Velvet Community

February 28, 2023

Urban MBA brings the Lionscreed Pride Home to Velvet Community

Velvet Community proudly announces today that it has joined forces with its newest member, Lionscreed. Velvet Community is a new approach to funding and supporting young, innovative businesses in a community of earned trust to remove uncertainty and the associated barriers it creates – no matter where our members find themselves in the world.

“This opportunity would not have been possible without Kofi Oppong, founder of Urban MBA of which Lionscreed is a graduate,” explains Abdiqani Ahmed.
“Lionscreed seemed like the perfect opportunity for Velvet to invest in,” explains Kofi.

Lionscreed is an esports team based in London with a strong emphasis on developing excellence in a diverse and inclusive community. Founded in February 2019 with a hunger for victory, style, and innovation, the team has obtained 11 titles and became one of the first teams to be shown on national television in the UK within its first year.

“Abdiqani Ahmed, previously a semi-professional player, is the acting CEO of Lionscreed. He is a great example of a new generation of young business leaders who are not hesitant to live their dream. His vision and way of leading Lionscreed attracts fruitful relationships and inspires the community. He is definitely a rare find among Gen Z. Velvet is looking forward to working together on Lionscreed growth as well as assessing investments and future business growth development. ” – Inga Veselova Co-Founder of Velvet Community.

“We’ve progressed from the early days of learning to now setting a new standard. We’ve put together some of the most creative and impactful videos within esports, making constant progress on our goal to take entertainment and production value to new heights. Our team members, cultivated from a group of ambitious students each bring their specialised talent to the team. This is how Lionscreed was born: from our shared passion and the willingness to learn,” says Abdiqani.

The brand has since grown, intending to become the best esports team in London. This ambition follows a three-year collaborative journey, encompassing a specialist within each business area.

“Now into our fourth year, Lionscreed is ready to welcome investment and new collaborations. This wealth of opportunity is why our partnership with Velvet has arrived at the ideal time. We’re excited that they can give us fresh insights and the opportunity to work with other brands that can educate us on making strategic business decisions. Our end goal is to secure a great investor.” says Abdi.

This exciting partnership with Lionscreed will undoubtedly create many opportunities for both Velvet Community and Lionscreed and show what the future can become.

Dale “Tr3yal” Adams, Lionscreed COO, looks to the future following the new partnership:

“A bright future is ahead for us at Lionscreed. The state of UK esports is a growing concern, and I am very pleased that Lionscreed is able to continue pushing through this challenging time and welcome more experienced and talented faces to the team. In the near future, we will be announcing further progress in partnerships, rooted in developing our existing talent and cementing Lionscreed’s place in the UK spotlight.”

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Velvet Community aims to support the growth of a community of earned trust all over the world by removing uncertainty and the associated barriers it creates in business.
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