Lionscreed partner with Alta Foods

November 14, 2022

An Announcement from the Team:
Lionscreed partner with Alta Foods

Lionscreed is excited to announce our new partnership with Alta Foods, expanding our corporate circle to new industries. 

Continuing our organisation’s growth, Lionscreed has signed a partnership deal with the delivery platform Alta Foods.
Alta Foods specializes in distribution and logistics within the food and beverage industry, bringing ready-made gourmet meals to your doorstep. 

The question has often been raised: “Why can’t restaurant meals be available as ready-made meals for home consumption?” Although takeaways may fill that gap for some, Alta Foods offers more: “Restaurant-quality meals designed to be consumed whenever you want. You can say goodbye to stale leftovers with pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals frozen until consumption. It’s as easy as freeze, boil, enjoy!”

Are you a classic indecisive eater? Many of us are.
Thankfully, Alta Foods has a helpful quiz on its website to help you build your personalised meal box. Options for every dietary requirement are available, including Vegetarian and Vegan. Furthermore, meals are sourced from high-quality restaurants such as Dumpling’s Legend, Lan Kwai Fong Camden, and Su Xiao Lu Soy Braised Meat – you can rest assured that every meal will be as delicious as the last.
Some of the Lionscreed team have already had a taste, and we can confirm that Alta Foods will quickly become a staple of our freezers. 

On the new partnership, Lionscreed CEO Abdiqani Ahmed expressed the following:
“Growing Lionscreed to include new partnerships is always exciting, and our new partnership with Alta Foods is no exception. We look forward to our future with the company and can’t wait for our community to enjoy everything they offer! Lionscreed is reaching new heights and we are taking our incredible partners with us.”

So, if you’re feeling hungry, head to and snap up your first delivery.
Then, let us know what you think! 

In the meantime, you might need some Alta Foods packages to give you energy.
Lionscreed has more announcements in store, coming to your feed soon!
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