Lionscreed enters the NLC.

June 15, 2023

Lionscreed re-enters the NLC with Division 2 and 3.

An Announcement from Dale ‘Tr3yal’ Adams, COO of Lionscreed.

After taking a break from competing in League of Legends, Lionscreed is re-entering the NLC with new Division 2 and Division 3 teams. After enjoying competing in the League of Legends Rising Stars Tournament last year, we are proud to announce that our competitive Division 3 team has an all-female roster.

Lionscreed has previously competed in Division 3 of the NLC, enjoying a successful season and only narrowly missing promotion in the team’s first season. After taking a year to reconfigure the organisation’s plans within League of Legends, we are delighted to introduce the first members of our new teams!

Robin will be joining Lionscreed as our new League of Legends Manager, guiding both the Division 2 and Division 3 teams to success. His experience working with several UK teams will be valuable in kick starting our new NLC journey.

Joining Robin is our new Head Division 2 coach, Anton ‘Softorious’. Softorious will use his excellent expertise to support our players in a productive, positive, and competitive environment – aligning with Lionscreed’s core values.

Alongside Soft, Lionscreed welcomes previous Division 2 players Mid Laner Emil and ADC Zpikee. They will be joined by Achille in Top Lane, Bartholdy in the Jungle, Zuko in Support, with Bloodlust (who competed with us in Division 3 last year) as a sub. Each current member of the new Lionscreed roster is ready to prove themselves in the new split.

Robin went on to say:
“I am really happy and excited to be joining Lionscreed for the next split; this is a great opportunity for the players and we will do our best to bring success to LC. Emil and Zpikee are well-versed in the NLC and I know they are both extremely motivated to take home the title for Summer after narrowly missing out in Spring. With the support given to me by Dale and the wider Lionscreed organisation I am confident we can do them proud and reach our goals.”

Lionscreed’s Division 3 women’s roster is coached by Pew Bakura, a long-time advocate for equality and diversity in Esports. He has been coaching in League of Legends for 9 years, alongside working in the MENA, DACH, and LFL circuits.

Joining him will be GertrudeThePony in Top Lane, Mules in Jungle, Pia in the Mid Lane, DejaVoo as the ADC, and Charlotte as the Support. We are also welcoming Katre, Starlotte, and Blinky as subs.
The Division 3 team is already preparing for success. Robin has given the following insight into the team:
“I’ve worked with some of the Division 3 team for a long time now. I have so much trust in these players, and I know they will do well. I’ve had lots of time to interact with them, and I know they are already improving.”

Look out for more information on our League of Legends rosters coming soon! Who knows, we may have a few more creators joining our League of Legends family too… and maybe even another team, who knows…

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