Lionscreed does Halloween

November 20, 2022

Happy Halloween!
Lionscreed Hosts Halloween Party at The Manor of Walworth

Pickle Rick, Stitch, and Spiderman walk into a bar…
Lionscreed does Halloween!

Lionscreed celebrated Halloween with a party to remember this year, hosted at The Manor of Walworth pub in Elephant and Castle!
With the support of several industry friends, we were able to invite our community through the pillars of The Manor into a spooky spectacular featuring some impressive fancy dress.
Dale “Tr3yal” Adams, our Lionscreed COO, deserves a particular shoutout. His Pickle Rick outfit was a hit, winning the dumbest costume of 2022 without a doubt.
We would have bought him a trophy if we’d realized how brilliantly dumb it would be.
Instead, taking a slightly different approach, the fabulous Oscar dressed up as CEO Abdiqani – let us know if this should be a competition next year: best “Abdi” costume?

We couldn’t have done this without the support of our friends at The Manor, SideQuest, HyperX, Plutus, Sweet Cabin, Okuru, Cool Down, and our continuously wonderful community for making this event a reality, we really could not have done it without you!

As always, we brought games and gamers together to complete a brilliant event. Oscar knows how to bring fun to a party and pulled off organising an entertaining game of Cards Against Humanity, despite so many wanting to participate. As an organisational expert, he was also able to bring together multiple games of poker players looking for the cards to fall in their favour. Congratulations to our two winners, Jakub Ircow and Eleonora Shantsila on their boozy bottle prizes! 
Indisputably, everyone loves a good quiz, and Oscar continues to deliver. Multiple prizes were up for grabs, and three talented brainiacs bagged Okuru London t-shirts and jumpers. Nothing like some intense competition to keep you on your toes. Thank you, Okuru, for supporting us!
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lionscreed party without geared-out PCs Thanks to our partner, SideQuest for the stations and HyperX for the amazing peripherals!
We hope you all kept track of the visitors during the evening – you may have spotted Bloomy about with ArchHimself swinging by for spooky fun.
Who knows, maybe there were also one or two new faces, but we’ll keep them a secret for now. So you will have to wait and see.
Finally, who spotted the glitter of a Sweet Cabin golden ticket? Rumour has it somebody hid a few among the Halloween decorations. Those lucky few who found one were treated to some spooky sweet prizes! Our friends at Sweet Cabin are always down for a party, supplying boxes of the best sweet packages they offer.

So really – who could have asked for more? Poker, prizes, PCs, sweets, drinks, and quizzes, we don’t know about you, but to us, it doesn’t get any better.
Thank you to everyone who turned up to support the Lionscreed Spooky Party. If you’re seeking a cosy night this winter, head to the Manor for beautiful beverages and some of the best pub food! While in Elephant and Castle, why not also head to SideQuest’s new store and visit Timmy the Elephant?
Finally, if you need to satisfy that sweet tooth, you all know to seek Sweet Cabin to stock up.
See you all next time!

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