Lionscreed x Safe In Our World: A New Collaboration

March 10, 2022

Lionscreed x Safe in Our World

We are incredibly excited to announce our new collaboration with the charity Safe In Our World. This organisation proudly advocates for mental health awareness in the gaming community, engaging with several companies to support gamers through their resources, servers, and website.

As part of the Lionscreed Community Pact, we want to build connections with these vital charities, helping our local community access resources that will help them improve their mental health and wellbeing.

The Safe In Our World website includes an expansive list of resources to support gamers. They host a Discord Server where people can access a friendly, passionate community online. Additionally, they run a podcast called Safe Space where you can listen to conversations with industry professionals about mental health support within esports and gaming, individual journeys with mental health, and stories to inspire listeners. Safe In Our World also releases regular content supporting gamers in self-care, education, and introspection.
The organisation has amazing support, content, and advocation planned for the future. At Lionscreed we are grateful for the opportunity to play a part in these brilliant plans and look forward to seeing their reach expand further throughout the industry.

Rosie Taylor, Charity Officer at Safe In Our World, says:
“Lionscreed’s values align with our own in wanting to be able to change the stigma around mental health and open up the conversation around the importance of mental health, specifically within the esports community. Safe In Our World has a lot of plans in the future to work with a variety of games companies to support everyone. We invite any company who wants to commit to destigmatising mental health issues within their communities to come and talk to us.”

We passionately agree and want to provide the charity with as much support as possible in raising awareness about mental health within our community and beyond, ensuring that their resources are accessible to anybody who needs them.

Both at Safe In Our World and within Lionscreed, we want to eradicate the fear and worry around discussing mental health, encouraging self-confidence and learning. Setbacks should not be considered failures and should instead be reframed as opportunities for growth! Being honest and compassionate with ourselves when considering our wellbeing and that of others is a great place to start.

Thank you to Safe In Our World for this collaboration opportunity!

If anyone in our community needs to access mental health support, please visit the Safe In Our World website at to find resources and advice. If you are in crisis, please call 111 (NHS), 999 (Emergency Services), 116 123 (Samaritans), 0900 689 5652 (National Suicide Prevention Helpline UK), or find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline here 


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