Lionscreed x Okuru

June 7, 2022

An announcement from Chapman “Panda” Lee on our Lionscreed partnerships:

Lionscreed is proud to announce our latest collaboration

We will be working with the incredible Christian Okutu and his apparel brand Okuru!

Okuru is a streetwear brand with the slogan “Without a message, there is no meaning”. Masterfully combining Japanese and Congolese streetwear fashion, Okuru produces amazing unique and sustainable apparel. Each design is made to tell a story, with a current aim to spread awareness about issues present in the Congo through storytelling in fashion.

The brand is owned by Christian Okutu, an accomplished designer who has been a part of the Lionscreed community for some time. We are excited to start a closer collaboration with Christian in our Okuru apparel partnership. In addition to running Okuru, Christian is also involved in Urban MBA, the “university for street entrepreneurs”, which Lionscreed is also working alongside at present.

This apparel design collaboration will bring exciting new products to our Lionscreed community, alongside introducing another excellent London-based business into the ever-expanding Lionscreed network. It is a pleasure to finally work with Okuru on an official basis, and we are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!

Stay updated on our partnerships and teams via our socials and website, and keep a lookout for the results of our Okuru collaboration!

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