Lionscreed x MTM Consultancy – Furthering Lionscreed’s commitment to player support

May 25, 2023
Lionscreed is partnering with MTM Consultancy to continue developing the support our esports athletes gain from sports psychology.

As of August 2022, Lionscreed has been working with Sports Psychologist Jon Brain and Oliver Wright to ensure all our esports athletes can access psychological support while developing their careers. As we grow as an organisation, it is time to develop this relationship and subsequent player support.

Jon Brain is co-owner of the Sports Psychology consultancy company MTM Consultancy. Throughout his time collaborating with Lionscreed, he has become an incredibly valued member of the staff team. The quality of services he provides is widely recognised in the esports community.

Therefore, Lionscreed will now expand from working with Jon Brain to provide sports psychology services to our team to officially partnering with MTM Consultancy.

MTM Consultancy collaborates with clientele such as Call of Duty esports organisation TeamUK, Ireland’s “Celtic Wolfhounds” Overwatch team, and RIOT Games. Lionscreed will join this clientele in the united mission to provide the highest quality sports psychology services.

Lionscreed’s COO, Dale “Tr3yal” Adams, recognises the value and importance of offering these services to esports athletes:

“Lionscreed’s philosophy has always been to be the best we can be. Part of this is ensuring we provide the absolute best support to every team member – particularly our esports athletes. Our organisation has a diverse roster of signed professionals and content team members. We must provide them with as much support as possible to build their confidence, support their journey, and help them reach new heights. Partnering with MTM is incredibly valuable and will make sure we fulfil these commitments.”

Esports professionals – both athletes and staff – combat psychological stresses related to their work daily. MTM Consultancy helps address the broad range of pressures faced by these professionals.

Their vital work includes providing guidance for improving performance, improving well-being, building healthy team relationships, bettering communication, and building on Lionscreed’s core values to create a positive and productive organisational culture.

We are incredibly grateful for Jon Brain’s work in supporting our team and look forward to a productive partnership with MTM Consultancy!


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