Lionscreed will be at ESI NextGen

March 4, 2023

Lionscreed will be at ESI NextGen with the Lions Clash Finals.

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Following Lionscreed’s investment in student esports with the Lions Clash Valorant tournament, we will be at ESI NextGen for the Lions Clash Final.
Through February, Lionscreed has hosted the best UK University and Academy Valorant esports teams in Lions Clash. Working with Freddie Price, we are publishing overviews of every game, from Match 1 to the Grand Final.
In the words of Freddie:
“The Lions Clash tournament has, without question, been a compelling series. The teams have shown some engrossing and exhilarating games for the audiences to watch. In particular, the Birmingham Bulls and Bath have definitely illustrated amazing plays so far.”
The finals are set to be an incredible display of UK student talent. As an organisation, we are incredibly proud to have hosted so many dedicated, passionate teams, and we congratulate all of the teams on their success in the tournament.
Lionscreed will be hosting the Lions Clash finals at ESI NextGen. Esports Insider is working with the University of Warwick to unite industry leaders across the esports, video games, and education sectors over the 22nd and 23rd of March.
The event aims to build wider, stronger connections both within and across these industries, particularly as esports and gaming continue to integrate into educational curricula and extra-curricular activities. With connectivity as its foundation, the event will welcome a diverse range of attendees, including universities & colleges, students, esports teams, tournament operators, media organisations, and those working in the careers or education industries in other capacities.
Continuing to build on Lionscreed’s fundamental values of community, connectivity, and support, we are collaborating with ESI to give a 10% discount to members of our community wishing to join us at the event. ESI NextGen is a brilliant opportunity to create new relationships within the industry. We are excited to see members of our community there!
We are grateful for the opportunity to support the students who have participated in the Lions Clash tournament and continue working with ESI. ESI NextGen is an important milestone in our goal to support the UK esports community, especially students and young people.
Finally, we wish the finalists of Lions Clash the best of luck!
see you at ESI Next Gen!

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