Lionscreed Merchandise

September 21, 2022

An announcement from Panda on Lionscreed merchandise!

We know that our community has been waiting for us to launch Lionscreed merchandise for far too long. All those who have been waiting so patiently: here is the announcement that you have been waiting for!

For some time, Lionscreed has been without our own jerseys or hoodies, with a small exception for the rare staff sweatshirt – we want to finally start the journey to kitting out our players and fans in the best orange and black merch.

The first step forward on this journey is to welcome Sam Parkinson to the Lionscreed team as our apparel and clothing designer! We are incredibly excited about the designs and concepts that we have been working on and cannot wait to share them with our community.

This project has been a particular passion of our CEO Abdiqani for a long time, with him leading this venture himself. On the topic of this announcement, Abdiqani has said:
“I was disheartened when I sent Bloomy out to Saudi Arabia when we still did not have an official Lionscreed Jersey for him. He had to go out to Gamers8 in regular clothing. We have wanted to give our players and community jerseys for a long time, but we wanted to make sure that we got it right.

Gamers8 and Saudi Arabia was a wake-up call to tell us that it was time to get our merch sorted. It felt a little like when you’re a parent, you send your children to school, and all of the other kids there have something really cool, but your kids don’t have it yet. So I told Bloomy that I was going to get him the best getup that he could possibly get, and we’ve chosen Sam to get the job done.”

The success of our teams deserves to be recognised and it is time for our community to be able to represent Lionscreed wherever they go. Keep your eyes out – Lionscreed Official Merchandise will be launching later this year!

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