Lionscreed has partnered with Wanyoo Esports

September 27, 2021


LionsCreed x Wanyoo Esports

We will finally be making the long-anticipated announcement of our formal facility partnership with Wanyoo E-Sports Studio, which will see the old and the new take on the lion’s share of the competitive Esports industry. Since 1998, Wanyoo has been innovative in its commitment to creating safe and healthy multi-player game spaces within the 800 locations they operate in over 83 cities worldwide with a collective membership of over 16 million.

The CEO of Wanyoo commented, “We welcome every type of player here. From those who are just starting out to veterans, we are always listening, learning, and engaging with our teams and players to ensure they have a high-quality experience and are provided with every opportunity to grow their talents. Lionscreed also believes in supporting their players in chasing their dreams and rising to professional levels, so it is a partnership that recognizes both our missions.”

Lionscreed, which was formed in 2019, is a young and fiery brand that has jumped into various titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Rainbow 6 Siege ever since. Lionscreed has attained 11 title wins and showcased them on national television, all in the first two years of their operation.

The CEO of Lionscreed isn’t just in this for the wins when he says “It’s not based solely on our game-winning strategies or the teams performance, but it’s really about our ongoing mission to create a community that everyone can engage with, an interactive social networking scene for all gamers. What we call our family, our pride.”

The partnership with Wanyoo will provide Lionscreed team members with access to all Wanyoo’s state-of-the-art facilities for use as a training ground along with co-production opportunities for the many events, tournaments, and activities sponsored by Wanyoo.

Written by Martin Brooks

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