Lionscreed FNCS Progress and Fortnite Success!

August 16, 2022

Our FNCS progress and Fortnite success

Summer 2022 has been a time of incredible progress for the amazing Lionscreed Fortnite Team. Growing our team with the additions of Hardfind, Michael, and Astro, alongside promotions for our Fortnite Manager Stussy and Assistant Manager Messina, has led to the beginning of an exciting new era for the organisation.
Congratulations to all our players on their achievements in their recent games!

Hardfind (competing with Adn Wexler) snagged 32nd after reaching the FNCS Europe Finals, where they were joined by Astro and Michael who fought hard and placed 15th overall! For three of our Fortnite team to make it to the FNCS finals is an incredible achievement, and we are looking forward to seeing what they can bring to their next challenge.

Bloomy has also had an impressive summer, winning 1st place in the Trios Zero Build Cash Cup and smashing the EU points record in the process. Following this success, he was invited to the Gamers8 tournament where he competed with Arab (after a luxurious business class flight) and managed to continue banking winnings for Lionscreed.

Celebrating these achievements is a must, but as always, our Fortnite Manager Stussy is looking towards the future:
β€œThe results are within my expectations. We have achieved a 3/4 and this shows the seriousness and hard work of everyone. I am obviously very proud of the players but there is still a long way to go. I think it is also necessary to look beyond the results and it is good to see Lionscreed on top. Thanks again for the support during the FNCS!”

The successes of summer 2022 are clearly only the beginning for our extraordinary Fortnite Team – our Lionscreed community (staff and supporters alike) all know the amazing talent held by our players and cannot wait to see them continue to push themselves further with each competition, fighting to the top.
Once again, congratulations and well done to our Fortnite Team.
Bloomy, Hardfind, Michael, Astro, Stussy, Messina, and everyone who has supported our boys are a crucial part of our Lionscreed community – who knows what successes the future may hold!

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