Lionscreed Esports Partner with Esportskred

May 24, 2023

Lionscreed Esports Partner with Esportskred to Build a Unique Ambassador Network

A new partnership with Esportskred will engage and manage a new Ambassador Network, further uniting the Lionscreed community.

Lionscreed is excited to announce a new partnership with Esportskred, opening new opportunities to connect within the Lionscreed community. Esportskred and Lionscreed will be developing and delivering a unique branded technology platform where an Ambassador Network of creators, players, team members, brand partners, and even members of the wider Lionscreed community can engage with one another.

This new platform brings all of Lionscreed’s marketing content and brand ambassadors under a single virtual digital network, where their social and streaming presence can be effectively and efficiently managed to reach the best possible audience.

“We are under one hyper-growth stage and managing a strong social and streaming presence is crucial for Lionscreed’s future business expansion. Nevertheless, it is proven to be one complicated and time-consuming function that requires plentiful resources to deliver and measure effectively,” said Abdiqani H. Ahmed, Founder & CEO at Lionscreed Esports. “With the Esportskred solution, we can automate many of the repetitive tasks with complete visibility and campaign intelligence. Whether those are community engagement activities, or marketing and brand partnership campaigns of our network. This helps us to prove clear value to our stakeholders and brand partners.”

Transparency and streamlined delivery are the foundational principles of Esportskred. The platform creates a new digital marketing and brand partnership asset based on these principles, presenting valuable opportunities for growth and development. This innovative approach provides Lionscreed with demographic and brand affinity audience insights and vital campaign analytics, with reports demonstrating and analysing marketing strategies for brand partners.

Accompanying these insights is a ground-breaking content-sharing system enabling collaboration between marketing and partnership teams. Team members can instantly share content via Esportskred’s branded mobile application to the entire Ambassador Network.

“Esportskred is Sportskred’s esports and gaming brand. Our team is fanatical about technology, sports, esports and customer success. We are highly focused on bringing software solutions and industry expertise to simplify every aspect of ambassador management. We are delighted to work with the fast-growing star – Lionscreed Esports as their technology provider.” said Vicky Cheng, VP, of Partnerships at Sportskred. “Teams, players and creators will have one structured way to increase their reach and visibility on social and streaming via our branded solution, to share or collaborate content with brand partners effortlessly while sponsors can measure the ROI with campaign analytics. All parties can enjoy the significant benefits and value of their long-term partnerships and marketing collaborations.”

About Esportskred

Esportskred is the branded tech solution that helps esports teams, leagues, and organisations to create, manage and monetise their own ambassador network for community engagement, marketing and brand partnership activations.

Esportskred is part of Sportskred Group.
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