Lionscreed shoots into Valorant

September 2, 2023

Lionscreed Esports announces expansion into Valorant with an all-female roster.

We at Lionscreed are excited to share details of our expansion into the Valorant esports scene with an all-female roster.

Following our success in League of Legends and Fortnite, we are delighted to announce our expansion into Valorant with an all-female lineup. This new team means that Lionscreed has more women signed to the organisation than men, further shedding light on our ever-increasing focus on diversity and inclusion within the esports industry.

We are excited to reveal the fantastic team bringing our Valorant expansion to life.
Leading it all is team manager Jonathon ‘Smoggie’ Timmiss, who is thrilled to lead the expansion into Valorant. As an experienced member of the team, he is well-versed in the challenges of managing a new roster:
“Having been part of Lionscreed for about a year, I have been trying to get us into the Valorant scene. We have tried to get into the Valorant scene on a few occasions, but there have been a fair few challenges that made it not viable there and then. Thankfully, we have overcome those challenges and the goal is to make significant inroads as a team and make Lionscreed a top contender in the Valorant scene.”

Our head coach Raghu ‘Ryama’ Rayamajhi will play a significant role in ensuring great relationships and communication between our talented roster, assisted by Loïc ‘Neayd’ Giraud.
Analysing our all-important in-game performances and playing a hand in managing the Valorant team will be Louis ‘Melody’ Williams.

Clearing the way and beginning those all-important engagements will be ‘AnnaKabana’ who is our team’s duelist. She will be joined by Natasha ‘Tvsha’ Roberts, who plays as the team’s initiator, pushing onto sites.
Scouting the opposition and keeping an eye on any flanks, as well as defending our positions, will be our sentinel Mia ‘Mikaya’. Alongside her and expertly managing the battleground will be our team controller and IGL, Flora, with ‘Ray’ performing a flex role to adjust to any situation.
Our vital reserve players, who will be available if any issues arise, will be ‘Aliya’ and Musel.

Various female-only esports events such as VCT Game Changers, Rising Stars, and the upcoming equality cup – alongside equality initiatives such as Women in Esports – have shed light on the importance of accessability in esports.
When asked about the significance of the new team and a female majority in Lionscreed, Chief Operating Officer Dale ‘Tr3yal’ Adams had this to say:
‘Expanding into Valorant has been on our radar for quite some time now, and to do that with an all female roster makes us very proud as an organisation. To have a majority of our team be women is yet another major milestone for us and emphasises our commitment to developing the next generation of diverse esports talent.’

With plenty more exciting announcements on the horizon, be sure to follow Lionscreed on our social media to stay up to date on all our tournaments, giveaways, and news!

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