Lionscreed Community Announcement

March 19, 2022

Lionscreed Community Announcement

As Lionscreed continues to grow and our teams continue their amazing progress, we want to connect more with our incredible community.

All our brilliant supporters, followers, and gamers deserve to feel welcome and included at Lionscreed! Alongside bringing you fresh information about local events (which can now be found on the ‘events’ page of our website, under ‘community’), we will also be giving you more regular updates on our teams, players, and progress. News about our plans and competitions will be released in a Monthly Roundup, with any other significant announcements continuing to be released on our website.

Our collaboration with Safe in Our World is also bringing awareness to where any members of our community can find help if they are struggling with mental health. We encourage anyone who needs support to reach out to them and find their helpful resources. We are also exited to introduce our Lionscreed community nights! Held on our Discord every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:00 GMT, our community nights are the place to be for chats, laughs, and games. Everyone is welcome!

Lionscreed believe that we must always invest and engage with our community. You have all given us the most amazing support through our journey so far, and we want to make sure that everyone is included and made welcome in joining us for the future!

Keep an eye out for our first Monthly Roundup coming at the beginning of April, and in the meantime, stay up to date on our socials and through the articles posted on our website.

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