Lionscreed are on the Hunt for a New League of Legends Roster

January 3, 2022

Lionscreed are on the Hunt for a New League of Legends Roster


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Following the recent success of the Lionscreed winter showdown and the establishment of the Lionscreed community pact, we are on the hunt for a new League of Legends roster – and you could be who we need.

This season we are filling our NLC Division 3 Roster with driven rookie players motivated to become the next generation of champions. Players will develop their talent in a diverse and inclusive team playing three splits per year (spring, summer, and winter). We want to open the door for talented players raked at D2 and above to take their first steps into the world of professional esports, welcoming new faces to competitive gaming.

At LionsCreed, we have developed a community pact demonstrating our commitment to growing our local esports community for the better. We recognise the value in the talented players close to home and want to encourage and invest in those driven to succeed in professional esports. Our goal is to develop a community that is accessible to everyone, advancing the goals of grassroots organisations and offering opportunities for young players to achieve their dreams. We are matching these commitments by forming our rookie roster, investing in the valuable raw talent present in our local community.

Players must be valued and provided with opportunities, regardless of previous professional experience, to create a more positive environment in esports. To deny so many talented players the chance to break into the industry is against what Lionscreed stands for – instead, we want to give people the opportunities they deserve that other teams might not offer.

Our Lionscreed Coach Amy explains:

“The industry right now is too reliant on who you know instead of who you are. We want to bring new players into the spotlight, regardless of their connections or networks, to show the industry that you don’t need a large following to be seen – there are hidden gems that are flying under the radar.
We want to be as welcoming as possible, giving everyone the chance to prove their attitude and motivation. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or quiet – this is an opportunity to show yourself off, like a job interview, but without the suit! We want you to engage and ask questions, but importantly, to show us who you are, your uniqueness, your creativity, and how you can bond with the players around you.”

Investing in the local League of Legends community is the best way to grow player talent. We are excited to see the movement generated from our future NLC Division 3 rookie team! The players who make the team can look forward to a supportive, community-based approach, with unique and exciting experiences ahead.


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