Lions Connect 1.0 – Lionscreed Ventures into the World of Networking

June 7, 2022

Saturday 21st May 2022 marked Lionscreed’s first official venture into the networking world, with Lions Connect 1.0 an event held in partnership with Urban MBA and Mayamada. We provided a casual space where individuals could share their progress within the industry and their projections for the future. Attendees discussed education, industry development, personal growth, and NFTs/Crypto throughout the day.

Urban MBA

The event provided an open space for participation from diverse people working in and around the gaming and esports industry. Urban MBA spoke about their new progress in delivering accessible, high-quality educational opportunities. Their courses are tailored particularly for ‘street entrepreneurs’ who don’t connect with traditional higher education routes. The organisation provides opportunities for young people to set ambitious goals, taking advantage of the shift in power that is likely to follow during this new age of technology. The talk also included information about the personal journeys of those associated with the organisation and their growth. Lionscreed will be communicating closely with Urban MBA, assisting in providing esports and gaming-orientated educational materials.


Mayamada also hosted a talk at the event, speaking about the company’s history and brand. Nigel, one of the organisation’s co-founders, guided attendees through building a successful company in the esports and gaming sphere, detailing the learning experience involved in running the business. Mayamada is currently running the campaign “Do I Look Like a Gamer?” encouraging and recognising the diversity in gaming and esports. Central to this campaign is the message that regardless of background you are from, what you look like, or your personal experience, there is a place for you within gaming and esports – an ethos that we heavily support at Lionscreed.

Crypto and NFTs in Esports

NFTs were also thoroughly discussed during the event – currently a hotly debated topic within the esports and gaming industries. For a more expert view on the current and future status of NFTs, we listened to the thoughts of a Crypto and NFT-specialised lawyer. After presenting his views on the status of NFTs and their potential, there was further discussion among others attending the event surrounding their personal concerns and interests. The group expressed and represented multiple viewpoints, and debate around the topic continued throughout the rest of the event.
Around each talk, those attending the event could interact and network with one another in a casual, open, and friendly environment. Pizza was provided, alongside Super Smash Bros, keeping everyone full and happy for the day.

Looking to the future

Lionscreed is excited for the future of networking events held within our organisation. Lions Connect 1.0 was a great success, providing a brilliant environment for individuals to network, engage, and share views on the current and future progress of the esports and gaming industries. Everyone attending was able to hear opinions from various perspectives, leading to an insightful and exciting day. We hope this will be the first of many successes!

Disappointed that you missed it? Do not worry – our next event will take place at SideQuest Charing Cross – we look forward to seeing you there!

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