Lions Clash Week 1 Day 2: CES Wolves v Birmingham Bulls review

March 8, 2023

Lions Clash Week 1 Day 2: CES Wolves v Birmingham Bulls

Lions Clash Wolves v Bulls review shows the University of London (CES Wolves) and the University of Birmingham (Birmingham Bulls) game have defiantly been the most intense matches played yet in Lions Clash. Both teams struggled valiantly for the win until the last match. 

Match 1 (Fracture): 

The Bulls were the first to be the attackers, whilst the Wolves were on the defence. The Bulls started the first round by steadily approaching B Site, when they got to the site they were met by Wolves, which resulted in both sides trading with each other for kills. After the Bulls secured the spike on the Site they pressured the last remaining Wolves making it the first win for the Bulls. 

Similar to the previous round, the Bulls struck B Site again. However, their push was more aggressive and confident. After a successful plant on B Site and the gun advantage of the Bulls, they eliminated the whole team within a single minute.
In the third round, the Bulls changed their choice of Site, as they planned to attack A Site instead. The Bulls’ slower approach in this round allowed the Wolves to gather up and be ready. Nonetheless, although the Bulls nearly lost they clutched it with their imposing aim. The Bulls started the fourth round by carefully moving towards B Site, leading to a powerful dash to B Site. After the Bulls planted the spike at the Site they chased and eliminated the whole Wolves team with swift success. After the fourth round, the Bulls went on an impeccable win streak which lasted for the whole match, on some occasions, the Wolves were very close to winning a round. However, they couldn’t stop the Bulls’ overwhelming force.  

Match 2 (Icebox): 

The Bulls started as the attackers whilst the Wolves were on the defensive. With a dashing attack towards A Site, the Bulls gained a triple kill and a spike plant. The Wolves tried their best to fight back, however, they were ultimately hopeless as they all got eliminated.
In the second round, the Bulls went for a slow push towards A Site until they decided to rotate to B Site instead. From there, the Bulls guaranteed a spike plant on the Site. However, the Wolves ensured to counter this quickly as they barely eliminated the whole enemy team before defusing the spike. The third round proved to be another spectacular success for London, as the Bulls tried to attack B Site with their usual aggressive playstyle. However, the Bulls were totally eradicated when they tried to go through B Yellow.  In the fourth round, the Bulls struggled for A Site as the Wolves valiantly tried to push away the Attackers. The Bulls did eventually plant the spike but paid the price of losing players. However, the Wolves lost a lot as well, turning the game into a close-clutched 1v1. NayR went for the spike but flip managed to eliminate him. With excellent teamwork between the Bulls, they managed to win the next two following rounds by executing the Wolves’ team with deadly force. 

However, when the Bulls tried to secure another win by going to B Site again they were met with an aggressive push from London, who didn’t allow them a second to breathe. The Bulls tried changing their strategies again by going to B Site through B Green and B Orange, however, this led to the team being massacred from all angles by London.  In the ninth round, the Wolves got too confident as they tried attacking the Bulls first instead of doing vice versa and waiting for their attack. Regret was the result as Wolves were wiped off the map in seconds. In round ten, the Bulls played very wittingly as they tricked the Wolves players into thinking they were attacking B Site with the Viper wall. Instead, they were going for an easy spike plant on A Site which had no defenders. The Wolves were quick to realise as they headed back to A Site. Unfortunately for them, the Bulls were ready as they ultimately destroyed every opponent. The Bulls tried playing the eleventh round swiftly through Mid Blue towards A Site, although, the Wolves were quick to counter-attack as they surrounded the team, killing them all with ease. 

In the last round of the first half, the Bulls went for a rapid dash towards A Site, successfully planting the spike until they were pushed back by London. It became very intense after as both teams traded for kills until Wolves had the upper hand as a 2v1. However, although Wolves was winning in numbers, Thomas turned it around and destroyed the team as he gets a clean double kill.  The Wolves started the second half winning by two rounds in a row with the repeated strategy of a swift attack at A Site,  effortlessly demolishing the Bull team on the way. However, when the Wolves attempted the tactic for the third time, the Bulls were more organised to counterattack. Just1ce forced a great triple kill on A Site, giving the Bull’s first win of the second half. 

In the sixteenth round, the Wolves wisely adapted and went for a B Site attack, which went very well for them as they planted the spike. The Bulls were so close to getting their hands on the spike, but the Wolves didn’t allow it for a second. They launched a borderline-suicidal attack through the smoke, killing every last player. Similar to the previous round, the Wolves played it very aggressively as they hunt down every Bull, which left flip the only one to live until the next round. In the eighteenth round, the Wolves tried to play it slowly by going to B Site through Mid Blue and B Yellow. Yet, the Wolves started to lose players by the second as they were planting the spike. After the spike was planted, they made an effort to protect it by trying to win a gunfight but shockingly Thomas eliminated them all in a triple kill. With a stunning breakthrough, the last four rounds were won by the Wolves as they repeated the strategy,  with a dashing strike towards A Site. The Bulls couldn’t counter-attack. This meant that Wolves was the winner of the second match. 

Match 3 (Accent): 

The Wolves began as the attackers whilst the Bulls were on the defence. In the first round, the Wolves were about to attack A Site until the Bulls alarmingly appeared from nowhere to push them back. It left the Wolves paralysed, down to two players. However, they stayed dedicated to attacking A Site as they quietly sneaked around, although the Bulls eliminated them as they patiently waited to strike.
In the second round, Wolves tried a sneaky A Site attack through Cat Walk though after three of their players were eliminated they changed their strategy and tried rotating to B Site via Courtyard. Flip from the Bulls waited patiently for the Wolves in Courtyard as he obliterated the team with total surprise. Wolves started the third round by trading with the Bulls in Mid which resulted in both teams having three players left. The last three Wolves players planted the spike at A Site whilst killing all the remaining survivors of the Bulls. 

Between rounds four to six the Bulls were on an incredible win streak with their precision aim. However, in round seven Wolves gained another win as they plant the spike and eliminate the whole team.  In the early eighth round, it looked like the Wolves were about to win it as they planted the spike at A Site so quickly with no repercussions. However, the Bulls launched an aggressive counter-attack which pressured the Wolves out of Site, allowing them to defuse the spike. With swift movements, Wolves engaged the Bulls in the ninth round very effectively as they eliminate the whole team whilst planting the spike at A Site. The last three rounds in the first half of the match were won by the Bulls as they were very precise with their accuracy and patients to effectively counter-attack London’s repetitive offensives at A Site. In the second half of the game, the Bulls started their attack very belligerently as they stormed B Site in search of kills. With no enemies left the Bulls won the first round. The Bulls carried on their aggressive win streaks until they won the game, which was very close for them as both of the last two rounds had two players left. 


Birmingham Bulls totally wiped out the Wolves in the first match, as they surprisingly didn’t lose a single round. However, the Wolves made a comeback as ambitious winners of Match 2. Despite the best efforts of the Wolves, the Bulls emerged as the winners as they demolished the Wolves in the third match.   

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