Foxdrop joins Lionscreed

July 5, 2023

Foxdrop Joins Lionscreed in Crafting a New Era of League of Legends Content

Lionscreed is thrilled to announce that we are adding to our already fantastic content creator team, signing the triple threat caster, content creator, and educator Foxdrop!

Renowned for his incredible in-game knowledge and being one of the most charismatic League of Legends personalities, Foxdrop is a groundbreaking addition to our Lionscreed family. After enjoying our successes joining the NLC this year, now is the perfect time to introduce even more spectacular League of Legends talent to our team – especially one so synonymous with the UK esports scene.

Our journey thus far has been marked by the outstanding contributions of our content creator team, and we take immense pride in their accomplishments. We’re relentlessly committed to enhancing the experience we offer to our cherished community. Foxdrop will undoubtedly provide incredible value to every League of Legends fan, whether it is through his insightful analysis, exciting gameplay, or top-tier educational content.

As always, Lionscreed COO Dale “Tr3yal” Adams is incredibly enthusiastic about continuing to build the organisation’s image as not only one of competition and victory, but also one that is dedicated to entertainment and community:

“This is one of the biggest content creation signings ever for Lionscreed. Our content creation team has been working incredibly hard to deliver the best entertainment, and their efforts have helped us reach this point where we can welcome some of the biggest personalities to the family. I am so proud of every individual who works in this organisation, and I am so happy for Foxdrop to join them. This is only the beginning, and we have more fantastic announcements coming soon!”

We are truly honoured to have Foxdrop join us on this adventure. Together, we will continue to cultivate and support our vibrant community where we can all enjoy the esports we know and love! Get ready to dive into the League of Legends universe in ways you have never imagined.

Stay tuned for upcoming content, live streams, and announcements as we continue to build our fabulous content creation team. The future of Lionscreed has never looked brighter!

Our journey of building our content creation team is far from over. We have not one, not two, but three more incredible announcements for you all coming soon! We promise you, these are announcements that you will not want to miss.


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