Fornite Team Update

April 30, 2022

An announcement from our COO, Dale “Tr3yal” Adams, concerning the Lionscreed Fortnite Team

Lionscreed is excited to share with you our recent progress in building our Fortnite Team:

It is undeniable that the hype surrounding Fortnite is not dying down anytime soon. We have been looking to invest more in the buzzing scene, building on the skills and achievements of our existing players. As a result, we are thrilled to announce two new additions to the Lionscreed Fortnite Team!

Stussy will be joining Lionscreed to head up our ever-expanding team. He will be working alongside our central Fortnite player Bloomy as we continue to grow in the scene. We look forward to seeing what his experience and expertise can bring to our players throughout the Fortnite season.

Looking ahead at the future, Stussy would like to send the following message to the LC community: “I’m very happy to be joining the Lionscreed Team and want 2022 to be a success. I am looking forward to meeting the team, the players, and the fans. Keep supporting us – I promise you that this year, Lionscreed will be at the highest level on Fortnite!”

We look forward to seeing the benefits of the energy and experience that Stussy will bring to the team.

Joining Stussy in driving the team to success will be a familiar face, especially for those who watch our LC Fortnite Twitch Streams. Starting as one of our incredible content creators and streamers, Messina will be expanding both his horizons and ours as the new Lionscreed Assistant Fortnite Manager. After his support and dedication to our team of streamers, we are confident that he will bring the expertise and support needed to drive our team to success.

As a team, Lionscreed is hoping to expand our Fortnite team even further in the near future. Keep an eye on our socials and website for updates.

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