Fortnite Chapter 3 – The Changes and What They Mean for Esports

January 23, 2022

Fortnite Chapter 3 is here, and it’s one of the biggest patches we’ve ever received to date! This is one of those patches that will be remembered as an absolute game changer. It not just brings new map changes, new weapons, new skins and a whole new batch of content but it’s got a new set of brand-new game mechanics that might just refresh the game as a whole! Let’s take an in depth look at Fortnite’s new chapter, along with what changes they we brought in!

The Main Changes

Before we can begin talking about how these changes will impact the esports landscape, we need to make sure and understand what these changes are.

Flipped – The Map:

The new chapter brings a brand-new map, known as Flipped. Of course, this map change will be bringing a bunch of new areas for us to explore, as well as some dignified hotspots. Now I’m sure that most of you will be landing on those hotspots, but let it be known that there are vaults an A lot of hidden content around the map this time around. You should go out and explore it, and some of these items and vaults can give you a huge head start in the match.


The new campsites mechanic lets you save and keep your loot for future games. For example, if you drop a campsite at a location and dump all of your purple weapons in it. You can come back to it in the next match and it will have all of your loot stored within it. This will boost up the looting process a lot for most people who try and save their loot in the campsites. You can also sit within them and heal.


Sliding is one of the most Popular Mechanics in any shooting game, and we’re so glad that it’s finally in Fortnite. Sliding is incredibly useful when it comes to traversal. Especially if you’re outside the circle, this can help you in traversing much faster down hills and dunes, into reaching the safe areas.

New Weapons

There is a whole new arsenal of weapons as well as slurp juices that you can take in Fortnite. There’s a new scope gun, as well as a new sniper rifle. Not to mention the SMGs have been a bit reworked, well the shotguns are still, shotguns.

Web Slinging:

As promotion for Spiderman No Way Home, the new collaboration in Fortnite Has brought web slinging to the game. This is an insane new addition to the game, as it adds even more traversal options within the game. Now that you have sliding as well as web swinging, this will be an insane season that’s for sure.

Battle Pass:

The new Past features a bunch of new amazing cosmetic items. Starting off, we have Spiderman here. We have the normal suit as well as the symbiote suit for Spiderman. You’ve also got the foundation, I’m pretty sure it’s not The Rock version but they might have that one as well. Along with that there’s more skins that are originals for Fortnite.

How These Changes 

The new map is very traversal heavy, so people will be moving a lot. Especially in competitive matches such as esports matches, there will be way too much movement. This makes everything better because the more you move, the more you will run into other teams. The locations provide a unique diversity to the map, we have deserts and snowy mountains as well as lakes and green jungle areas. So there is a lot of variety in that regard.
The best part about the sliding in Fortnite is that you can shoot while sliding. This is particularly a game changer, because this will be an extremely relevant part of the movement an shooting that Fortnite is known for. You don’t just lie down hills, you can also slide in general which means that you will be harder to hit and you can also slide under obstacles while still shooting at your opponent. The pumping is about to be wilder!

I hope that the web slinging isn’t made part of the competitive pool, however if it is then the movement is going to be insane. Even people that are building very tall structures are not going to be very safe anymore. The game is going to be very traversal heavy in the next few months that’s for sure, and it’s important that you have the right weapons to go with that kit.
Pretty sure that the most important weapons this season are going to be the pump shotgun as always, combined with the SMG an assault rifle. At all this season it does look like the sniper rifle is much faster than before. The time I’ve had with it, it seems to be much more practical in usage. Not only does this one has more bullets in a magazine, it shoots faster and does a little less damage than it should be but it works very well.

In all honesty I think that using faster guns with less recoil as well as more movement is going to be the key to winning in this season of Fortnite. Moreover, building is going to be much more important than ever because everybody is going to be moving so fast and the hit boxes are going to be so small and hard to hit. Aside from that we also have the campsites, which means that players will be geared up and looted, as well as ready to go into headfirst gunfights within the first few minutes of each match. The campsites by far are super useful because they will minimize the looting time and give time players more time to engage in gunfights. Most of the looting will be done because you are out of ammo or you want to load up on Shields and heals.
The most competitively changing thing is going to be the sliding, because of which it will be much harder to hit the enemies. No, I know for sure that esports players are actual gods at this game, it will still take them time to adjust to it brand new mechanic. Combine this lighting with the web slinging, and you have a recipe for actual disaster for those who don’t know how to utilise these tools properly.


In summary, chapter three of Fortnite has been by far an intriguing and highly conceptual chapter in the game. The creative changes that it brings as well as a tonne of game mechanic changes and map changes, will result in much more chaotic matches. That means less time for the players to loot and more time for them to engage in battles, as well as less time for the viewer to look away from the screen.

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