Lions Clash BathVGS v BrunelEsports review

February 14, 2023

Lions Clash / Day 1 / Valorant BathVGS v BrunelEsports

First match (Icebox):
Lions Clash BathVGS v BrunelEsports review by Freddie Price in conjunction with Hannah Marie ZT.

Bath began on the defending side whilst Brunel was on the attack. Round One brought us immediate action, with Brunel quickly attacking through Mid Blue towards the B Site. However, the team started dropping one by one. Xery stood alone as the last player, left to the mercy of Bath at B Site to give Bath the first win in the first half.

In the second round, Brunel tried to play it more slowly, moving towards the B Site. However, Brunel switched at the last second to B Yellow and went for Site A instead. Brunel got to the Site and successfully plants the spike. After the plant, Brunel started getting pressured out of A Site towards A pipe, where one by one, they were once again picked off by Bath. Eventually, Bath also took the second round.

In the third round, Brunel moved aggressively into A Site where they eliminated pancakes on the way. Once Brunel successfully cleared out A Site, with the use of their abilities, they were able to plant it safely. With an intense fight happening at A Site and A screen, the last two players from Bath were cleanly killed off by Mag, resulting in Brunel’s first win.

In the fourth round, Brunel attempted to enter A Site slowly and safely. However, Sadow strangely blocks off A pipes with a wall, resulting in a rotation towards the B Site instead. On the way towards B Site, Brunel brought Bath down to their last two players. In this, we saw two clean and precise kills from ilxZ. After eliminating ilxZ, Brunel planted the spike. Meanwhile, VLP diguro revived Dawn for another chance, turning the game into an intense 2v2 situation. Brunel successfully took the win.

At this point, the score was 3-1 to Bath. It looked like it was in Bath’s favour, but Brunel ensured to turn it back and achieve extraordinary wins. The score reached 5-3 to Brunel until misfortune struck them, where their win streak ended at round 8. Bath learnt from their mistakes and brought the game back with a four-win streak before the end of the first half.

In the second half of the game, Bath started their attack slowly towards B Site. At the same time, ilxZ and Dawn from Bath moved around the Site through the tube where they started their attack, which allowed the whole team to push up onto the Site to plant the spike. After planting spike, Bath got into an aggravatingly fierce gunfight with Brunel. However, Bath would end the fight with a victory.

Bath played the next two rounds with aggression, winning both of them until Brunel victoriously took the 16th round by seeking and eliminating all the players on the B Site.

In the 17th round, pancakes showed some impressive plays with a swift shot on Kovach at B Site from the top of B tube. After this stunning shot, the Bath team instantly moved towards A Site gaining a clutching kill. Bath safely planted the spike with the help of a Viper and Sage’s wall. For Brunel, this became a hopeless situation. They didn’t have enough players nor be in the position to get a defuse, resulting in a win for Bath.

In the 17th round, three of Bath’s players moved to A Site, whilst the rest stayed at Attacker Side Spawn. After a minute, an extraordinary trade happened between the teams at Mid Blue. Dawn and ilxZ, who were the last two went back to Attacker Spawn to grab the spike. However, when they tried coming back to A Site they were unexpectedly shot in the back by xery as they got to A pipes, which gave Brunel the win.

The 18th round was a very close win for Bath, as both teams searched and destroyed each other after planting the spike. This resulted in Brunel successfully eliminating the whole team. Unfortunately, they lost the round as they didn’t have enough time to defuse the spike.

Like the previous rounds, Bath swiftly reached A Site, successfully planting the spike. However, after the plant, the game turned into another search for destruction from Bath. Similar to round 17 with Brunel, they virtually in an impossible situation, so they recklessly moved onto A Site, getting themselves eliminated. Making that a Bath victory.

Match 2 (Ascent):

Bath dramatically steamrolled Brunel down into the ground throughout the second game, which did not last nearly as long as the first.

Brunel began on the attacking side, whilst Bath was on the defensive. Bath was forced to counter Brunel’s initial aggressive push onto A Site extremely quickly. After Brunel planted the spike, Bath pincered the fearless team to eliminate them all. Bath defused the spike, which was a quick win for them.

Round Two was another swift win for Bath as Brunel tried violently attacking B Site by quickly going through B Main. However, B Main became an execution Site as the whole team was eliminated in a matter of seconds.

In the third round, Brunel tried attacking A Site via Catwalk. This move became a painful fight for survival for Brunal as each team member fell to Bath, securing Bath the win.

In the fourth round, Brunel managed to snatch their first win. The game was an intense moment for them as VLP diguro nearly gained a double kill on the last two rivals left at A Site.

Following round 4, Bath went on an impressive seven-round win streak, which made the score 10-1 to Bath.

Through the rounds, some impressive plays were made by pancake, who gave a stunning quadral kill on Brunel in round 7 with the Operator. During round 12, Brunel regrouped to win the last round of the first half, as they plant spike at A Site and eliminated the whole of Bath.

Brunel took an energised first-round win in the second half, as the team wiped out Bath in the first 20 seconds. In the round, Mag was seen to gain an outstanding triple kill at Heaven.

In the 14th round, both teams had fierce trades with each other – eventually a bitter 2v2. During this, we saw Dawn illustrate a daunting backstab on Bankai. At the last 30 seconds to plant the spike, it all rested on a nerve-racking 1v1 between Dawn and Mag. After planting the spike, Dawn ran towards Lion, where he gained a quick, decisive headshot on Mag

Bath won round 15 astonishingly quickly, as they impatiently push into Courtyard, eliminating the whole Brunel team in seconds. Following this, Round 16 became an exciting but anxious match as Bath entered the A Site in an aggressive motion, planting the spike. However, both teams received huge casualties. Once more, the fight was taken down to a 1v1 between VLP diguro and bankai. Bankai, who looked like he was on a kamikaze mission, ran straight into VLP diguro’s crosshair. His untimely elimination made Bath the winner.

Final Overview:

Both teams gave an impressive performance in the first match, sending a clear message to the audience that they weren’t going down too easily. Although Brunel tried their best to stay in the game, it was unfortunate to witness them defeated so quickly in the second match, destroyed by the intimidating Bath.

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