Who we are

Lionscreed is an esports team based out of London with a strong emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive community.

Currently competing in Fortnite and League of Legends.

Founded in 2019 with a hunger for victory, style and innovation the team has obtained 11 titles and became one of the first teams to be shown on national television within their first year.

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Our Achievements

We have competed and won major titles in the UK regional scene and left our pawprint on four major gaming titles in CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League and Rainbow Six: Siege. as seen Below


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Join our growing community

Lionscreed hosts multiple tournaments in different titles with the intention of growing a new community to join our pride.

In our testing stages alone we have achieved great results in garnering interest and drawing in new members.

 •  470 Viewers

 •  300+ Players interested in our tournaments

 •  Daily, Weekly and Monthly competetions and tournaments   that are creating an infrastructure for progression

 •  100+ New Users per day joining our community discord

Brands that we've worked with

We've also worked with a large range of brands both in and outside of esports such as London Youth, poq.gg, Esports Insider, MSI, Staffordshire University, Epic LAN and Belong Gaming Arenas.

For a list of our current partners view our Partners Page.

To find out more about LionsCreed feel free to contact us via our socials or via our contact form.

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